Frequently Asked Questions  

Present State (if you have received an email from MKMDC with account information):

1.What do you see when you login first?

2.How were accounts created by MKMDC?

3.Do I get multiple accounts if I have a family membership?

4.What is the password policy?

5.Does my userid have to be my email?

6. Do I have to create a new account every year when renewing my subscription?

7. Can I upgrade my subscription using the same account?

8. What if I don't renew my subscription for a year or so? Does my account get closed?



  1. When you first login, 

 a) You will be asked to change your password. 

b)You may also update your profile with accurate first name and last name if necessary.  

c)After you do that, please log out.

d)You may log back in with your new/changed password. When you login the second time, you will see your membership account. 

e)Here you will also see option to upgrade your account.  You may ignore this information if you already have another email associated with your membership.


  2. Accounts were created as follows:

a)Each email MKMDC has is treated as a separate individual and account created for that email.

b)The email you used to purchase membership in 2016 is being used to create your membership account (individual, family or student)

c)Emails not associated with a membership were used to create a general subscriber account

d)If you had provided several email accounts to MKMDC over the years, there may have been several general subscriber accounts created for you. In which case you may inform us of general subscriber accounts you do not need or want to use and they will be deleted.


  3. No. There is only one membership account per family regardless of the type of membership.  You may share your account information with your family members if you so desire. On the other hand, one person in the family may manage the membership account and others may register as general subscribers so they are able to see the content and receive information from MKMDC.


4. Your password must be at least 6 characters long, must have 1 uppercase character, 1 number and 1 special character.


..5. When we created member accounts in 2016, we used the member emails as their user id to help us load the data on the backend. For first time subscribers, your user ID can be anything you chose it to be while registering for a new membership. For existing members, your userid is your email address with which you had subscribed with MKMDC. If you have family membership with MKMDC, you can share the MKMDC account access information with your family members if you chose. However, we do recommend that you share access only with adult family members.


..6. You do not have to create a new account for renewing your membership. You can log in with your existing User ID/password. You will see an option to renew on your "Account Information" page. You can use it to renew your membership. 


..7. If you have an existing account with MKMDC you can use the same to upgrade your membership with MKMDC. Upgrade option is available to General Subscribers and Individual Members. It will be available on the "Account Information" page once you log into your account. 


..8. If you chose to not renew your membership with MKMDC for a few years, your account stauts will change to "General Subscriber". This will give you access to your account and some other resources on the website. However, it may prevent you from accessing some "member only" content. But most of all it will not give you access to the "member only" price for MKMDC events. You can renew anytime during the year to regain access to both.